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Look at Riga from above!

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We have launched a brand new cinema with the new and fresh movie. This time you can see and experience Riga from above and from inside - get the glimpse of President's cabinet inside the President's Castle, see the Opera House and rehearsal and much more. ..

Arnis Aspers | 1291 views | 0 comments

Valentine's day special offer

Valentine's day special offer

Valentine's day special offer - romantic flight over Riga + bonus   Only until 18.02. 2 tickets for 10 EUR   ..

Look At Riga | 1562 views | 0 comments

Come with the voucher!

Come with the voucher!

Look at Riga invites you to enjoy the journey over the most interesting and eyecatching places of Riga, capital of Latvia.  WHERE? Strēlnieku laukums 1, Riga, next to the Musseum of Occupation WHEN? Come every day between 2 pm and 4 pm til the end of 2014. HOW? SIMPLY PRINT OUT THIS COUPON AND ENJOY THE SHOW! ..

Look At Riga | 4197 views | 0 comments


About us

Informative Art Space & 5D Cinema Look at Riga presents the first Latvian multidimensional movie Look at Riga which gives its viewers a chance to see Riga from the bird’s view. 

Look at Riga experience allows you to spend 10 minutes, enjoying the best views of Riga from above, including the most important events in capital of Latvia last summer.

This dynamic and exciting flight will carry you away with the feeling of presence and special effects: flight imitation, speeding-up, wind breeze, water-splashes and other surprises.

The movie is available in Latvian, English, and Russian language.


Opening hours:

weekdays 11.00 – 18.00

weekends 11.00 – 18.00


We are located in House of Blackheads, Ratslaukums 7 (entrance from Svaru Street), Riga, Latvia.



  • Adult
  • 9 EUR
  • Children
  • 7 EUR
  • Age 6 - 12
  • Students / seniors
  • 8 EUR
  • Group ticket
  • 7 EUR/person
  • Minimum 6 people
  • „Atsperiens”
  • Live Riga
  • Riga 2014
  • Moodwork
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